BJT-Transistor AC/DC Analysis

BJT-Applying AC to a DC Biased Transistor

BJT-Notation for voltages and Currents

BJT-Solving Universal circuit

BJT-Transistor Fault Location

BJT-Normal DC voltage Transistor indications


BJT-Cut-off and Saturation points

BJT-Importance of Vce

BJT-Beta rule

BJT-Common collector formulas

BJT-common emitter formulas

BJT-Common Base formulas

BJT-Common Collector Static Characteristics

BJT-Common Emitter Static Characteristics

BJT-Transistor Static Characteristics

BJT-Thermal Runaway

BJT-Leakage currents in a transistor

BJT-Relations between Transistor Currents

BJT-Common Collector (CC)configuration

BJT-Relation between α and β

BJT-Common Emmiter(CE) Configuration

BJT-CB Configuration

BJT-Transistor Currents

BJT-Transistor biasing methods